Content and Process Consulting

Dansin Associates’ offers both content and process consulting through a network of consultants with skills and expertise in discrete areas and through a results-oriented system of comprehensive school reform.

In addition, Dansin Associates provides training on research validated programs and supports.

Dansin Associates works to build and sustain school-wide intervention models in reading, believes that research validated commercial curriculum programs in reading should serve as the primary foundation of a school-wide intervention model, uses classroom data to improve student achievement, and supports SYSTEMATIC EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION of basic skills.

Dansin Associates’ philosophy of education is “Educational programming decisions must be made based on student needs.” If the curriculum, no matter how popular, is deficient in serving the needs of the child, student learning will be impeded. In that vein, Dansin Associates will use a “Best Practice,” prescriptive approach to delivering education. Only the best programs, supported by systematic, scientific research will be used, and only used if they meet the specific needs of the individual student.

What We Do

We use approaches that close the achievement/access gap, accelerate and sustain student achievement, and increase the student-college going rates, in part through implementation of standards-based instruction

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Emerging Technology

Assessment Tools

Quality Programs in Education

Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction was created with the belief that all children can learn, but sometimes need extra support.


Zoo-phonics: This “systematic, multi-modal approach focuses all the energy of primary learners on learning the sounds of the alphabet and phonemes ensuring reading and spelling success!”

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